Wednesday, October 6, 2010


New World Order London Summit

The New World Order is consolidating it's plan for a New World Currency. Russia introduced a coin at the recent G-8 / G-20 meetings in 2010. When the New World Order imposes its New World Currency on US is anyone's guess, but at SHTF America, we believe the attempt to impose the NWC on Americans is only a matter of time. No doubt it will have "E Pluribus Unum" stamped on its face to make it easier for Americans to accept.

The New World Currency must be resisted. If it is not, the freedoms and personal liberties of Americans will eventually be replaced by the "sustainable development" plans of the United Nations. Accept the New World Currency and you will be condeming future generations of  Americans to the global design of the New World Order and one world government. A government where your vote, if any, will be equal to someone, somewhere else in the world; like Nigeria, Afghanistan,  Indonesia, or even Liechenstein.

The US Dollar is losing its appeal as a global currency because its "value" is based on the "full faith and credit" of the United States. Say what? That's right, the dollar is only as good as the promise of the US Government. And the government is printing dollars at an unprecedented rate.  George Bush spent more money and created more US debt than all other US Administrations combined, and the Obama Administration has doubled the size of the eight year Bush deficit, in less than two years.  Are there any Americans citizens reading this post that doubt the veracity of their government?

New World Order Coin

 China, the US, and Europe are playing an adulterated game of Three Card Monte. It's a three handed game of Old Maid, and the loser of the game is the last player left holding a giant bag of US Treasuries when time is up.  China accepts worthless paper from the United States and Europe for its cheaply produced goods, and then recycles these dollars and Euros to the third world and Australia for raw materials.

As long as China continues to play the game, China wins, but at some point the self interests of the other players in the game dictate that enough is enough when it comes to the transfer of wealth from Europe and the United States to China. It will then be time to impose the New World Currency of the New World Order on the world population.

The New World Currency will not be implemented until the middle class in America and Europe have been financially destroyed with their jobs, wealth, and the means of production transferred to China, India, and the rest of the third world; where cheap labor can be exploited and profits maximized by unfettered capitalists at the expense of the American worker and family. All of this has been accomplished with the consent and complicity of your elected officials: crimminals and traitors all, with the notable exception of Ron Paul.

Do you hear that giant sucking sound? These are the events Ross Perot warned us about. It was Econ 101 then. It is Econ 101 now. This is what Americans are experiencing, based upon policies implemented by every administration since Ronald Reagan, and continued now by Obama at an accelerated pace. Congress has been an active participant and eager partner with every lobbyist that has ever dangled a dollar in front of their face on behalf of the banksters and New World Order. Americans have been sold out by its elected officials: the most vile betrayal possible between a people and their government.

Eradicate the G-Flu: R1,D1,L1

China has had more than one trillion US dollars of reserves but they recently purchased $500 billion of Spanish bonds with some of them. There is no doubt in our mind at SHTF America, that they intend to exchange those $500 billion of Spanish bonds to Latin America for real assets in minerals and energy. Even if they pay a premium for real assets, they have recycled $500 billion of toxic Spanish bonds to support the Euro, and will have taken possession of energy and mineral commodities that will rise significantly in value in a resource short world. China wins again.

This is a smart, strategic move on China's part, as part of the New World Order plan for globalization and the transfer of your wealth to the third world. China will over pay Latin America for their real assets, thus transferring Spanish wealth to Latin America, eliminate half of their US dollar reserves, and position themselves to fund the bulk of the US budget deficit next year with the profits they will make from manufacturing all of the products that America buys.

Three Card Monte, or Old Maid?

China is currently the number one producer of gold in the world. It buys all of it's own production and stores the gold in its treasury. Additionally, China has urged its citizens to purchase gold as an investment as part of their portfolio. If each of the 1.3 billion Chinese citizens purchased just one gram of gold, they would consume half of the world's annual production.

Got Gold? No? Get Gold!

India is buying large amounts of gold from the IMF; more than 400 tons in 2010. It is also purchasing gold on the open market because it does not produce any gold, yet it's citizens are the largest consumers of gold in the world. If each of India's 1.2 billion citizens purchased just one gram of gold, they would consume the other half of annual world production. Of course they can't do that because one of the other major producers of gold in the world, Russia, is also buying all of its own production of the metal. Even Iran, the unrepentent opponent of the New World Order sees the handwriting on the wall. It recently purchased 34 tons of gold on the open market. Not convinced? Even tiny Bangladesh has purchased 10 tons of gold from the IMF. These actions have major implications for the price of gold. When central banks and banksters are buying gold in massive amounts, you know they intend to leave the masses with massive amounts of worthless paper.

These are the reasons that the value of gold and silver have more than doubled from their prices just a few years ago, and why their value will continue to increase despite all attempts by the banksters to suppress the price. Astute investors recognize that the massive printing of US Dollars and the Euro to stimulate the sinking economies in Europe and the United States, will result in serious inflation and the loss of purchasing power for Americans and Europeans. This is what is happening now, it was designed to happen, and it will continue to occur until the American and European middle class have been reduced to serfs, their economies in ruins, and their money worthless.

Gold Bars

At that time, the New World Order will impose the New World Currency and establish "parity" between currencies based upon new, established precious metal values. The respective wealth of the world will be reallocated and assigned based upon the amount of precious metals owned by the "member country". The New World Currency will be imposed globally where none may buy or sell without the "mark of the beast".

Thomas Jefferson understood the dangers of allowing a cabal of private bankers to control the monetary system of the United States:

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the Continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs. - Thomas Jefferson

Americans, abolish the Federal Reserve. It is the basis for the New World Order and One World Government. It is the agent of the private member banks that own and control it. It is a bigger, more powerful, and more vile agent of the New World Order than the US Chamber of Commerce; which has supported the massive invasion of the United States by 30 million nationals of a foreign power, in a successful effort to reduce wages for their member firms, at the expense of the American worker, family, and taxpayer.

Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve System is neither federal nor has it any reserves. It is a private corporation of the private member banks that own it through the New York Federal Reserve Bank; and the corrupt banksters that run it. It is a scam and a ponzi scheme foisted upon the American people in the biggest financial fraud ever perpetrated on the world. It is a parasite that has created tens of trillions of dollars in debt in the name of the American people, but has never been been audited, or it's books reviewed by Congress.

It's purpose is global domination and it's intent is to destroy America, abrogate the freedoms and personal liberties of its citizens, and then control and enslave them by creating massive amounts of national debt; while moving the means of production which made this nation great, to the third world where these unfettered capitalists can exploit the cheap labor of foreign workers and maximize their profits.

These banksters are crimminals of the highest order. Do not listen to what they say. They are liars, cheats, and thieves. Watch what they do. Economics is not as complex as they want you to believe. Its simple, really: follow the money. Our money, because they are using American taxpayer funds to finance their plans. Together, Big Banking,  Big Business, and Big Government want to destroy the principles that made this nation great, enslave the American people, and undermine the values that have nurtured and sustained us for more than 230 years.  

America, repudiate the Federal Reserve. Repudiate the massive debt that they have foisted upon US. Pursue your political heritage in November and every day thereafter until this beast that has destoyed American wealth has been brought to justice; and the banksters that run this system are prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned.

They are criminals and traitors to this nation, and deserve the punishment reserved for traitors.